2020 Annual NCAIR Conference Registration Form

Sunday March 15 - Service Day
Monday March 16 - Pre-conference Workshop Day and Opening Reception
Tuesday and Wednesday March 17 – 18 Conference Sessions and Closing Business Meeting
  • Note: Early bird registration ends at 11:30pm on Jan 30, 2020.
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  • We are providing the following so please let us know which meals below that you plan to attend in order to help us get an accurate count for food events, no additional charge.
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    Annual NCAIR membership dues waived with conference registration. Early bird registration ends at 11:30pm on Jan 30, 2020. This is a savings of $45 off the regular registration fee of $225.

  • Pre-conference workshop: Be on your "A" Game for SACSCOC Reporting: A Panel Discussion with Q&A and Breakout Sessions

    Do you have questions on SACSCOC reporting? This workshop will be led by a panel from 2 year and 4 year schools (both public and private) as well as those who have served as reviewers. The workshop will cover various SACSCOC reporting requirements – Compliance Certification, Fifth-Year Report, Substantive Change, and more. The conversation will include topics like campus preparation, personnel involvement, document organization, content review, and timing. Bring your questions and any solutions you want to share about IE, faculty credentials, student learning outcomes, etc.
    Tee Time 8:30am, Monday, March 16. (3 hour workshop)

  • Pre-conference workshop: Storytelling through Data Visualization – Hitting a Hole in One

    Do you want to make your data more impactful, interesting, clear, and engaging? Do you want to inspire action, inform decisions, or change minds? Storytelling with data is one way to do that. In this hands-on, interactive workshop you will learn how to:
    • * Structure your story in three acts
    • * Develop your characters, hook, action, and resolution with an audience in mind
    • * Apply storytelling techniques to your data
    • * Create data stories using four different data visualization platforms
      • Please bring a laptop with one or more of the following programs installed: Excel, Power BI, SAS, or Tableau. Data and other materials will be provided for you to use in hands-on activities.
        Tee Time 1:30pm, Monday, March 16. (3 hour workshop)

  • UNC System Office Data Marts Workshop: (no cost)
    If you use or integrate UNC system data in your role, this half-day session may be for you! If your role is institutional research or other business or data analysis, or you develop or support related IT systems at University of North Carolina institutions using UNC system data, we need your input. This is a UNC System Data Mart users group meeting to discuss current capabilities and future roadmaps for student, human resources, and finance data, and related IT systems. It will include a discussion of Data Mart, the Insight reporting and analytics platform, and data science initiatives for UNC institutions. Related data engineering and systems integration topics will be discussed, as will other relevant people, process, or tools topics brought by the participants.
    We look forward to hearing your input on this course – chip in often to score low (and putt for dough) on Monday, March 16 from 1:00pm-4:30pm.

  • Pre-conference workshop: IPEDS – Beyond Compliance (no cost)
    (A link to the IPEDS webpage with more information on this session and a link to register for this workshop will be emailed to you soon)
    This workshop is designed for individuals interested in utilizing IPEDS data to examine and measure student and institutional success. The first half of the workshop explores the five IPEDS surveys that contain academic performance metrics (Completions, Graduation Rates, 200% Graduation Rates, Fall Enrollment, and Outcome Measures). Through group discussion, activities, and lectures, participants will learn what the measurements can—and cannot—tell us about student and institutional performance. The second half of the workshop will involve hands-on activities to work through a series of case studies based on real-life scenarios. Participants will identify the question being asked in each case study; determine the best metric(s) to use to answer the question; extract data using the IPEDS tools; perform analyses; and present the data to answer the question. Participants will gain the knowledge needed to explore and answer questions at their institutions or organizations.
    This is a one day workshop 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday, March 16.

  • Will you bring donations for the Family Promise of Moore County? - prefer to have baby wipes, size 3 and 4 diapers/pampers, detergent, and toilet paper. The drop off box will be available from Sunday, March 15th at 1:00 pm until Tuesday, March 17th at 5:00 p.m.