The North Carolina Association for Institutional Research was formed in January of 1973 with the ratification of the Constitution and Bylaws of the organization.

The Association fulfills four main purposes:
  • to provide for the professional development of its members;
  • to provide for the dissemination of information and the interchange of ideas on problems of common interest to its members;
  • to contribute to the advancement of post-secondary education in its fullest and broadest implications; and
  • to foster a collegial spirit of unity and cooperation among persons having interest in and activities related to institutional research, planning, and assessment.

Membership is open to all interested parties.  Get your membership application today.

Thank you for the Summer Drive-In on July 26

With a special thanks to SAS for opening their doors to NCAIR!

Thank you for the Annual Conference on April 7

Find conference info and updates here: https://www.ncair.net/2022-conf-info/